Mitsubishi Outlander

#ID 518cc8235c4d1.pngOutlander has the character of the off-road vehicle, inherited from the famous 4wd cars of the Mitsubishi Motors. You will be delighted by the trips in the comfortable car interior. The ability to accommodate to every situation on the road is the main feature of the new Outlander.

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Mitsubishi Pajero

#ID 518cc88119dba.pngMitsubishi Pajero IV create the impression of the big and imposing car, which feel itself confidently, does not matter what it is highway or off-road. All conditions are care for your comfort: leasure interior, climate control, audio and video system.

You can book Mitsubishi Pajero IV now by phone or email.


Land Cruiser 200

#ID 518cad452eb8c.pngLand Cruiser 200 has a proven history of quality, dependability and  reliability. Thumping V8 power and performance, combined with advanced 4WD technology, safety and convenience take  LandCruiser 200 to a new level. Building upon a rich heritage of proven credentials, today’s LandCruiser 200 uses the latest in cutting edge technology, employing meticulous attention to detail inside and out.