Mitsubishi Outlander

Outlander has the character of the off-road vehicle, inherited from the famous 4wd cars of the Mitsubishi Motors. You will be delighted by the trips in the comfortable car interior. The ability to accommodate to every situation on the road is the main feature of the new Outlander.

You can book Mitsubishi Outlander now by phone or email.


Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero IV create the impression of the big and imposing car, which feel itself confidently, does not matter what it is highway or off-road. All conditions are care for your comfort: leasure interior, climate control, audio and video system.

You can book Mitsubishi Pajero IV now by phone or email.


Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry – one of the most popular c

ars in the class: luxury, sophisticated and powerful. This is the personification of the best traditions of business-class cars, so it is the most often choice for business trips.

Toyota Camry has the incontestable advantages. From its confidently sculpted visage to its fluid, aerodynamic profile, the Camry commands unwavering attention. Its striking design and impeccable style will trigger all your senses and leave a bold impression from every angle. 


Mercedes W221

Enjoy the trip on Mercedes S221.
Mercedes 221 - a VIP class car, predictable and reliable, providing comfort and safety on every road. Mercedes 221 has impeccable dynamics and maneuverability. It provides unprecedented protection for passengers with 12 airbags, including window airbags. Mercedes 221 is perfect for trips in the city through the traffic jams . This 'steel handsome friend' does not allow you to miss under any ciracumstances!
You can order Mercedes 221 with a driver in the Temir Argymak company for VIP-events, weddings, airport transfers or business trips and meetings at the highest level.